Heavy Duty Paver Blocks

We are dedicatedly involved in offering a wide array of Heavy Duty Paver Blocks. Offered paving blocks are manufactured by our adept professionals using vibro-compacted process and quality proven steel in line with the global quality norms. Offered paving blocks are obtainable in 40/60/80/100/120 mm thickness. These paver blocks are widely known in the market for their brilliant features and at market leading prices.

Grade Designation of pavers Blocks Recommended Minimum Paver Block Thickness (mm) Traffic Examples of Application
M-35 60 Pedestrain plazas, Shopping complexes ramps, car parks, office driveways, housing Colonies, office complexes, rural roads with low volume traffic, farm houses, beach sites, tourist resorts local authority footways, residential roads, etc.
M-40 80 City streets, small and medium market roads low volume roads, utility cuts on arterial roads, etc.
M-50 100 Bus terminals, industrial complexes, mandi houses, road on expansive soils, factory floor, service stations, industrial pavements etc.

Rubber Mould Paver Blocks

Rubber mould Paver Block are technically well designed, stronger than application needs and are available in several design and finish options. Normally one either has pavers with good finish or pavers with good strength. From cement you have Pavers with the highest strength AND aesthetic finish.

Fly Ash Bricks

Fly ash bricks are environmentally very beneficial. They replace clay which has all nutrients for good agriculture. Top soil erosion is an environment hazard and Fly ash bricks prevent this.

The Fly ash bricks not only conform to various standards but also supersede them when made with latest technologies. They have higher compression strength. The water absorbility is lower hence saves upto 20% water usage and also mortar and rendering material by upto 20%.

The cost of these brick will come down significantly if Ash producers like power plants start making them with automated systems ensuring highest quality and consistency and gaining from economies of scale.

Our automated machines gives you the finish that bricks does not need plastering

  • Size : 230 x 110 x 75mm
  • Size : 230 x 230 x 110mm
  • Compressive Strength : M7.5 to M20 Grade.

Hollow Blocks

They are cost effective and better alternative to burnt clay bricks by virtue of their good durability, fire resistance, partial resistance to sound, thermal insulation, small dead load and high speed of construction.

Concrete hollow blocks being usually larger in size than the normal clay building bricks and less mortar is required, faster of construction is achieved.

Also building construction with cement concrete hollow blocks provides facility for concealing electrical conduit, water and sewer pipes wherever so desired and requires less plastering.

  • Size : 400 X 200 X 100mm(Hollow & Solid)
  • Size : 400 X 200 X 150mm(Hollow & Solid)
  • Size : 400 X 200 X 200mm(Hollow & Solid)
  • Size :300 X 150 X 150mm(Hollow & Solid)
  • Compressive Strength : M5 to M20 Grade

Solid Blocks

Strength, durability and style are the special characteristics of Solid block works. As core of building material it has stood the test of time and is now meeting the needs of modern designers as more attention is given to textures, quality and protection from fire and sound. Solid block work remains a totally flexible product and instills confidence in the minds of designers and users alike.


We manufacture light-weight & heavy duty Kerbstone with Reinforcement and Without Reinforcement.It can be manufactured of any Size and Specifications as per Customer needs.

  • Size :1000 X 200 X 150mm
  • Size :500 X 200 X 150mm
  • Compressive Strength : M40 Grade

Precast Compound Wall

The new concept in construction of Compound wall pepole call it as Ready made Compound wall / Boundry Wall / RCC Compound Wall / Pre cast Compound wall / Fencing wall /Designer Compound wall / Pre fabricated wall etc., The designer Walls / Panels are available in 300mm X 300mm x 50mm , post size will be 150mm X 150 mm X 3100mm . we can build compound wall various height of 6 feet/7 feet/ 8 feet from ground level .